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Simply A2 Key for Schools – 8 Practice Tests

Simply A2 Key for Schools consists of 8 complete Practice Tests for the Cambridge Assessment English: A2 Key for Schools exam. The first Practice Test comes with Exam Tips and guide students through each part of the exam.

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Smart Skills A2 Key – Exam Preparation for Cambridge A2 Key

Smart Skills A2 Key consists of 12 theme-based units based on engaging topics from the A2 Key official syllabus. The units provide extensive exam preparation for both the 2020 A2 Key and A2 Key fS exams.

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Succeed in Aptis – 6 Practice Tests

Succeed in APTIS consists of 6 complete Practice Tests for the revised APTIS exam. All the various task types of the revised APTIS exam are included in the Practice Tests.

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Succeed in the LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) – Practice Tests

Succeed in the LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) consists of 10 Listening and Reading Practice Tests (Levels A1-C2). The tests aim to help candidates familiarise themselves with the exam format and its question types.

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Learn English Online with the Global ELT Learning Platform

The Global ELT Learning Platform gives access to the English teaching and learning tools and resources that accompany our printed books. The Global ELT Learning management system (LMS) is designed to be easy for teachers and students to use and improves their learning experience. Engaging content, such as video lessons, makes learning more effective and students more involved. Now, thanks to the Global ELT Learning platform, students can study at their own pace and submit their assignments with just one click. Students and Teachers can get access to study materials from anywhere and at any time. Students can do all the activities and Practice Tests online and get automatic feedback. They can use the online platform along with the printed books (Blended Learning). 

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Assessing the Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing in the Learning Platform

The Speaking and Writing tasks are not auto-graded on the platform. Instead, students can access sample model answers by clicking on the “Materials” button. For schools that have purchased licences and created groups for their students, teachers or group leaders can log in to access their students’ answers and provide feedback. This ensures personalised guidance and helps improve student performance.


Schools can purchase course access licences for their students online. They can create groups for their students and monitor their progress. Teachers can keep track of grades from tests, exercises, and homework to see how students are doing.

Study on your own or with your Teacher

Learners of English can take an online course and study on their own, or, alternatively, join a group created by their teacher. They can also attend virtual classes organised by their school teacher.

In most courses, students can access detailed answer explanations for each question.

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Online courses and Printed books

 Global ELT printed books have been transformed into engaging online courses. Some of these books even include a special coupon code, generously offering students complimentary access to both the digital book version and a wealth of additional activities on the Learning Management System. To embark on this online learning journey, students simply need to create an account and redeem the coupon code conveniently located within their book.  

Teachers can now manage Student Progress

View how your students are doing individually, as a group, and in comparison with one another. 

Give your students relevant and correct content. Assign appropriate activities and group students according to their needs.

How to apply a coupon code to access the online courses

First, you need to select your course and add it to the shopping cart. If you have a student coupon code that you found in your book or was given to you by your teacher, select ‘STUDENT.’ If you are a teacher and want to buy licenses for your students, select ‘SCHOOL.’ Before completing your purchase, please make sure to apply any coupon codes at the ‘CHECKOUT – APPLY COUPON’ section and create your account.


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