Succeed in B1 Preliminary – 8 Practice Tests

Succeed in B1 Preliminary – 8 Practice Tests

8 complete B1 Preliminary (PET) for Schools Practice Tests with an analytical Exam Guide. The first Practice Test comes with practical and useful Exam Tips.
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Succeed in Cambridge English B1 Preliminary (PET)

8 Practice Tests for the Revised Exam from 2020

  • 8 complete Practice Tests for the Cambridge Assessment English: B1 Preliminary exam.
  • The first Practice Test comes with practical and useful Exam Tips on how to tackle each task in each one of the 3 exam papers.
  • Exam Guide provides analytical and step-by-step advice on how to tackle each of the exam tasks for all the Papers of the exam.
  • The Exam Guide also provides example questions, more exam tips and smart exam strategies.
  • Writing Tutor with Model Answers, Suggested Structure, Useful Vocabulary and Writing Ideas for each one of the writing tasks of the tests.
  • Speaking Tutor with guidance for every part of all the Speaking tasks in the book, and assistance on functions such as:
    • How to begin talking about an idea
    • Saying why an idea is good or bad 
    • Asking someone’s opinion n Agreeing/Disagreeing n Ending a discussion 
    • Reaching a final decision 
    • Making a suggestion
    • Describing a photo (and many others)
  • Useful Glossary for the Reading Paper & Vocabulary Development Exercises before each Test.

The Self-study Guide includes:

  • Detailed and clear explanations for the right and the wrong answers
  • Audioscripts, Answer Key

    Students can attempt each exercise up to five times. In order for the exercises to appear as “COMPLETED” students need to complete the entire Test.

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Course Includes

  • 29 Modules
  • 58 Overview
  • 160 Exercises


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