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Task Type: Part 5 – Communication Activity

Candidates give their opinion on five questions related to one topic (e.g. technology and the internet). Candidates have 1 minute in which to prepare from the scenario and from prompts which the questions will be about.

You will hear five questions about a topic. First you have 40 seconds to read the task. After you hear each question, you will have 20 seconds to give your answer. Please speak for all the time you have.

Your team manager is thinking about organising a team-building event, such as a survival weekend.
She wants to find out your opinion about the best way of doing th

She will ask you questions about:
• who should be involved
• when it should take place
• what the activity should be
• how to interest employees in the event
• a reward for best the best team

Question 1
Do you think we should involve everyone in the office?

Question 2
Yes, I agree. So when do you think the event should take place?

Question 3
OK. Well, what activity do you think would be best for team building?

Question 4
I see. How do you think we could interest employees in the event?

Question 5
That’s a good idea. And should we offer a reward for the best team?

Great. Thank you.
That is the end of the Linguaskill speaking test.

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