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The Natural World

The words in these two pages all come from the official Cambridge A2 KEY Vocabulary List

v. If something grows it gets bigger in some way.
I am trying to grow fruit and vegetables in my garden.

v. If you hope something will happen you want it to happen but you don’t know if it will.
I hope the weather is nice at the weekend as we want to go for a walk.

v. If you prefer something you like it more than other things.
I prefer living in a village than in a city.

v. If something seems to be something you think it is that thing but you aren’t sure.
Julia seems to be happy but maybe she isn’t.

adv. maybe
We will possibly go camping next summer but we aren’t sure yet

adv. If something is or happens indoors it is in a house or building etc.
I don’t enjoy working indoors which is why I got a job working in the park.

adv. If something is outdoors it is not in a building.
When I go on holiday I like to spend lots of time outdoors so I usually go camping.

adj. If someone or something is attractive they are nice to look at.
This is a very attractive park as there are beautiful trees everywhere.

adj. If the weather is fine it is good.
If it is a fine day we can go swimming on Sunday.

adj. If you feel glad you are pleased or happy about something.
I’m glad that you asked me to your party because I had a lovely time.

adj. If someone or something is popular they are liked by many people.
George is so popular that everyone wants to be his friend.

adj. frightened
I was very scared when I saw the big spider.

n. Someone who goes to a place to have a look and see what it is like, especially a place
that no one has been to before.
The explorers found a new island that no one had been to before.

n. A lake is a big piece of water with land all around it.
We were walking around the lake when we saw some big fish swimming in the water.

n. A mountain is like a very big hill or high piece of land.
We went to the mountains to go skiing in the snow.

n. A river is a water that moves through the land.
We put our boat in the water and went down the river in it.

n. A forest is an area where there are lots of trees.
As we walked through the forest we could see hundreds of birds above us in the trees.

n. An island is a piece of land with water all around it.
Crete is a famous Greek island.

n. The countryside is a place away from towns and cities.
I like living in the countryside because it is clean and quiet.

n. A desert is a place where there is very little water and lots of sand.
It is so hot in the desert that it is difficult for many flowers to grow or animals to live there.

n. An experience is something that happens to you.
Flying in an aeroplane for the first time was an exciting experience.

n. A farmer is someone who works in the countryside either growing food or keeping
animals to sell for food.
Being a farmer is a difficult job because you have to work outside even if the weather is bad.

n. A field is a big piece of land.
The sheep ate the grass in the field.

n. A gate is something usually made of wood or metal that closes an entrance into a garden,
field etc.
Please close the gate when you come into the garden so that the dog can’t get out.