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n. A break is when you stop working.
We worked for nearly four hours before we had a break

n. A company is a business of some kind.
I work for a company that makes cars.

n. A career is a job or a number of jobs that you do in your life.
Ann wants to have a career as a doctor after university.

n. A diary is a small book where you write what you did that day or you write everything that
you must remember for each day of the year.
I looked in my diary to see when I had the important meeting with my boss.

n. A factory is a place where things are made.
This factory makes lots of different types of furniture for offices.

n(pl). Instructions are what you read or listen to when you want to know how to do something.
Read the instructions carefully before you try to use the new camera.

n. A manager is a person who makes sure people are doing their job properly.
My manager told me I had done a very good job that day.

n. Your occupation is the job that you do.
“What’s your occupation?” “I’m a teacher.”

n. The staff are all the people who work in a place.
I want to have a meeting with all the staff tomorrow to see how we can make the office
nicer for everyone

n. A uniform is the clothes that someone has to wear for their job especially in the army,
the police etc. All the soldiers looked the same in their army uniforms

n. A customer is someone who wants to buy something.
The weather was so bad that we only had a few customers today

shop assistant
n. A shop assistant is someone who works in a shop.
If you can’t find what you are looking for, ask the shop assistant to help you.

v. If you earn money you get it for work you have done.
I earn £90 a day working as a teacher

v. If you bother someone you annoy them or stop them doing what they are doing.
Don’t bother your father when he is talking on the phone to his boss.

v. If you complete something you finish doing it.
As soon as we complete this work we will have some lunch

v. If something improves it gets better.
Now that I have been working here for a few months, my work has improved a lot because
I know what I am doing.

v. If you hurry you do something as quickly as you can.
You don’t have to hurry; we have lots of time.

adj. If something is modern it is new and uses the most recent ideas.
I don’t like old buildings as I like modern and new places.

adj. If someone or something is lovely it/they are very nice.
Wendy is a lovely woman who is always happy to help other people.

adj. If someone or something is busy they have lots to do or there is a lot happening in a place.
The shop was so busy that I decided to return late

adj. If something or someone is awesome they are very good and special.
My new smartphone is awesome as I can do so many different things on it.

adj. If something or someone is horrible they aren’t nice at all.
My boss was so horrible that I decided to change my job.

adv. If something happens monthly it happens every month.
I’m always happy to get my monthly money at the end of the month.

adv. If something happens weekly it happens every week.
I get paid weekly every Friday so I always have money for the weekend.