Module 1, Overview 1
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Reading Part 1

What is the task?
You will have 5 questions, each of which consists of one short text of between 15-30 words. The texts may be from notices and signs, packaging information, notes, emails, cards, text messages, postcards or websites.
Beside each text are 3 sentences, options A, B and C. You need to choose which one describes what is said in the text.

What you need to do
Read the text for each question. As you are reading a text, first decide who or what the subject of the text is. Pay special attention when extra information about the subject is given, like age or age groups. Then decide what event, situation or activity is being described and how this affects the subject. Note any extra information given about these things; for example, details like dates or times.

Let’s practise!
Look at the text. Think about 

a) who the notice is for 

b) what action the notice requires 

c) who is responsible for the notice

d) why they wrote it.



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