Module 1, Overview 1
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Warm-up questions

1. Do you get many tourists where you live?
2. What interesting things can you do where you live?
3. Are there any special buildings or museums where
you live?

In Reading Part 2, you have to read seven questions and then three short texts on the same topic. Then, you need to match each question to one of the texts. The texts will be from a newspaper, magazine, leaflet or website.

How to do the task

First, you should read each question to find out what information you need to look for in the texts. For each
question quickly read the texts and try to find the parts where you will find the answer to each question.
Once you have found the right part of the text, read it carefully to answer the question. Before choosing the answer, you should check that the other texts do not contain anything that could answer the questions. If one of them does, you must decide which text best matches the question.

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