Module 1, Overview 1
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Warm-up questions

1. Have you ever had a difficult journey?
2. What is your favourite way to travel?
3. What is the longest journey you have been on?

In Reading Part 4, you will read a short text with six numbered spaces. Then, you must decide which of the three options fits each gap.

How to do the task

Quickly read the text to understand its general topic and meaning. Then, read the text again and look at the six gaps where the missing words need to go. To find the correct word you should read the whole sentence. Look at the words before and after the gap to help you. After choosing an answer, you should check the other two choices and decide why they are wrong. Once you have chosen an answer for all the gaps, you should read the whole text again to make sure it makes sense. This part mainly tests vocabulary.

1. a. invited     B. offered         C. decided
2. a. picnic      B. barbecue     C. biscuit
3. a. terrible    B. lovely            C. important

If we look at question (1), we can see that we have three choices that are all verbs. Answer A is wrong. It would have to be, ‘so we invited someone to come to the beach with us’. Answer B is wrong. It would have to be ‘so we offered to take someone to the beach.’ Answer C is correct ‘we decided to go to the beach.’

In question (2) a noun is missing. Answer A is correct as you might take a picnic to eat on the beach. Answer B is wrong as you wouldn’t take a barbeque to the beach. Answer C is wrong because a biscuit wouldn’t be enough for everyone.

In question (3) an adjective is missing. Answer A is not correct because if they thought the day was going to be terrible, they wouldn’t go to the beach. Answer B is correct as the weather was good and they thought the day would be nice and then the next sentence says that it wasn’t. Answer C is wrong as there wasn’t anything important about going to the beach. They just went to have some fun.

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