Module 1, Overview 1
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Warm-up questions

1. Would you like to join a team to play sport?
2. Do you think the Olympic Games are important?
3. Can sport help people from different countries to be friends?

In Reading Part 5 you will be given a text that has 6 gaps. You have to decide what the missing words are for each gap. You must only put one word in each gap.

                                             Part of the team

There is something very nice about belonging (1) …………. a team. It’s an excellent way to (2) …………. new friends and also it’s a good way to get fit. If you are looking (3) …………. ideas to help you choose a sport to play, why not ask your friends what they like to do?

When you do Reading Part 5, you should look at the words before and after the gap. Look at gap (1). The word before the gap is a verb, ‘belonging’. This word is always followed by the word ‘to’ and then a noun so we know that ‘to’ has to be the missing word. In gap (2) the word before is ‘to’ so we need a verb in the gap. The verb has to go with the word after the gap which is ‘friends’. We can use the verb ‘make’ to fill this gap. In gap (3) the verb before the gap is ‘looking’.
Looking can be followed by ‘for’ or ‘at’ and here it means to try to find something so ‘for’ is the correct answer.

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