Module 1, Overview 1
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Speaking Part 1 Phase 1 (3-4 minutes)
In Speaking Part 1, Phase 1, the interlocutor will ask you very easy questions about yourself. This part is to help you relax and you will only have to give quite short answers.
In Speaking Part 1, Phase 2, the interlocutor will ask you two short-answer questions about your daily life, interests, likes, dislikes etc. followed by one longer ‘Tell me something about …’ question. You do not talk to the other candidate in Part 1 of the Speaking Test.

How to do the task
Listen carefully to the questions and give suitable answers. Do not talk about things that you have not been asked about. You should also try not to give one-word answers, but try to make your answers a little longer by giving reasons and examples wherever possible. However, you are not expected to give very long answers at this stage. Look at this question and the two answers and decide why answer (b) is a better answer.

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