Module 1, Overview 1
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What is the task?

In Speaking, Part 2 Phase 1, you and the other candidate talk to each other. The interlocutor will explain the task, but does not take part in this phase. Part 2 Phase 1 is a conversation based on five pictures on a topic such as hobbies, daily life, school, leisure activities, transport, towns and cities and holidays. You will be asked to talk about the activities, places or things in the five pictures. You will have 1-2 minutes to do this. Then, the interlocutor will ask you questions related to the activities, things or places. In Part 2 Phase 2, the interlocutor leads a follow-up discussion on the same topic as that discussed in Phase 1. Each candidate is asked two questions.

How to do the task

First, you should look at the pictures carefully and decide what the topic is. Then, talk with your partner about all of the activities, things or places, saying which you like and dislike, and why. Try to have a natural conversation with your partner by talking about what they have said and saying what you think and if you agree with them or not. Say why you think these things. Don’t talk all the time. Let your partner speak too, but make sure that you say enough. The interlocutor is interested in your use of English and not your ideas so don’t worry, you cannot give a wrong answer.

Useful phrases: Saying what you think

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