Module 1, Overview 1
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Reading - Part 2

particularly (adv) especially
cope (v) do something well in a difficult situation
wildlife (n) animals, birds, plants in the place where they live
artistic (adj) able to create or enjoy art
finance (n) the management of money
aware (adj) knowing about something
obvious (adj) easy to understand or see
well-known personality (n) a famous person
government (n) the people whose job is to control a country
political (adj) relating to politics
lively (adj) full of energy
abroad (adv) in a different country
enthusiasm (n) a feeling excitement about something
practical (adj) something that can be done successfully
honest (adj) someone who tells the truth
presentation (n) what is shown to an audience
sightseeing (n) visiting interesting places, especially by people on holiday
cookery (n) preparing and cooking food
frightening (adj) scary
tip (n) useful information
forecast (n) something saying what will happen in the future 
informative (adj) something that gives you useful information
review (n) a report in which someone gives their opinion of something (a book, film, hotel, etc)
major (adj) important, big
although (adv) despite the fact that
violence (n) the act of hurting someone
learning difficulties (n pl) mental problems that affect someone’s ability to learn
overcome (v) solve a problem
similar (adj) something that has many things the same as something else, but is not exactly the same

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