Module 1, Overview 1
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Warm-up questions

1. Have you ever been somewhere exciting? Where did you go?
2. How do you think you would feel at the Olympic Games?
3. Have you won a race or game? How did you feel?

Writing a story. Describing what happened.

In Writing Part 7, you are given three pictures that show a story. You have to write the story using the information in all three of the pictures. You only have to write about 35 words, so it is not really a long story. The first thing you should do is read all the instructions and make sure
that you understand what you have to do. Then, look at the 3 pictures and decide what has happened.
Write down any useful words that you can think of to tell your story. Then, write some notes to plan your story.
Remember that you must use ALL of the pictures.

How can you make your story interesting?

• Give the people a name:
         There was a boy called Jack …
          One day the Browning family decided to go to the beach …
          Jim and Ben are brothers …
• Say where and when the pictures are happening:
           It was a sunny day in Paris …
          One winter day in the countryside …
• Say what happens in the same order as the pictures:
          at first …
         after that …
         then …
         at the end of the day …

  1. Look at the three pictures below and the notes to see how you can plan your story.

1. John, likes running
2. when teenager, still running, wins races
3. now professional athlete, wins in Olympic Games

Now with the pictures and the help of your notes, you can write an answer like the example below:

Model answer

John really liked running when he was a young boy. He got older and then he started running in races. When he was twenty, he took part in the Olympic Games and he won a race. He is a brilliant athlete.
(40 words)

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