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Online Courses and Printed books

When students buy some of the Global ELT books they also get FREE access to the online version of the printed books. They are also granted acces to other extra resources available on the Global ELT Learning Platform. In order to access the online version of the printed book and the extra resources available, they need first to register and create an account, using the coupon code included in their book.

Buy Licences for your School to Access the Online Courses

The online courses can also be used independently of the printed books. Schools or Teachers can buy Licences in bulk for their students. Then, they can create a group specifically for their students and monitor their students’ progress. They can provide them with feedack and guidance through the Global ELT Learning Platform.

Monitor Students’ Progress

Teachers can monitor students’ progress and give personalised feedback to each student according to their individual needs. They can send messages or post an announcement. Teachers can get detailed results for students’ organised by activity or task.

Course Certificates

Students can download the course certificate as soon as they have completed their course.

Buy Access to the Online Courses

The online courses can be used independently of the printed books. Students can choose to do all the activities online and study on their own or with their teacher. They can buy access to the online courses using their credit or debit card and get instant access to the online materials available. 

Feedback and Answers

As soon as students complete an activity they can see their results and the correct answers. If they are members of a school group their teachers can also check their results and give them feedback.

Writing and Speaking Tasks

Writing and Speaking Tasks cannot be assessed on the Global ELT Learning Platform. Students have to save their answers for the Writing tasks and then their teachers can log in and access them on the platform. Teachers can then, give them feedback and leave their comments on the platform for students to read. The same applies for the Speaking Tasks. Students have to record their answers and then their teachers can access their answer and give them feedback.


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